10 Reliable Ways to Cheat on Homework Discreetly

There are various reasons why students cheat on their homework. Some of these reasons might include excess essay-related homework, complex homework, insufficient time due to excess responsibilities after school, academic pressure, procrastination, close deadlines, and unavailability of materials or resources.

For the above reasons, it is not surprising that students often look for the shortest possible way to submit assignments. If you often ponder questions such as how to cheat in school or how to cheat on homework, then this article is for you.

How to cheat on your homework

A homework cheat can be achieved using various clever methods because just as students get wise, teachers get even wiser. To cleverly cheat, you must avoid getting caught. Below are a few ways to do this.

  1. Copy wisely from a friend

This is one of the most popular ways to cheat on your homework. The act of copying from a friend has been around for a long time.

This technique is the easiest, but you must avoid getting caught. One way to avoid this is by changing the words in your answers. Friends who get caught often use the same or very similar answers. This immediately makes you a suspect. 

  1. Ask Google

One of the most significant technological search tools in history is Google. Using this search tool, you can ask any questions and copy the answers provided. However, when copying, be mindful of completely plagiarizing the work. You can avoid plagiarism by collecting ideas from different sources and compiling them together to form your unique answer. 

  1. Do collaborative work

Sometimes your homework does not come in written form. Teachers can ask you to read a particular piece and verbally answer the questions in class. 

In this instance, collaborative work will help you. By dividing sections of the piece amongst your friends, you can all read it individually and share ideas collectively.

  1. Use paraphrasing tools

If you struggle with changing words and efficiently paraphrasing or rewriting the work of others, You can solve this problem by using paraphrasing tools such as Quillbot or Grammarly.

  1. Enquire on social media platforms

There are various social media platforms to help you out with your homework. You could post your questions on sites like Reddit or Yahoo Answers, and then copy directly from the responses you get.

  1. Pay for services

Lots of companies offer assistance to students who struggle with homework for a token. You might want to employ the services of either a professional or a fellow student.

  1. Fail a few questions

It would be quite suspicious if everyone scored perfectly. To throw your teacher off balance, you might consider failing at least one question.

  1. Get a tutor or mentor

A tutor might be a fellow student or a completely different person. In either case, a tutor/mentor will review your work and leave comments to help you deliver the best possible homework.

  1. Check for plagiarism

Most students make the mistake of submitting their homework without first checking for plagiarism. The plagiarized words and phrases will be identified by a plagiarism checker. You can then change these words or phrases to remove plagiarism.

  1. Check out videos on YouTube

There are lots of academic uploads on YouTube. You can easily search for uploads related to your homework and watch them rather than read ways to solve or answer them. By watching, you can formulate your unique answers.


Thanks to technological advancement, cleverly coming up with cheating homework techniques is no longer as difficult as it once was.

A homework cheater can now use tools such as a homework cheating website and homework cheating apps to generate answers to all sorts of homework.

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