Volunteer Development Poverty School

The school functions as a supplementary school to the public school system for the majority of the children. Some students, however, are orphans or come from families who cannot afford the unofficial fees sometimes charged for public schools. VDCA was first established in 2005. Within just four years, it has evolved from two basic thatch classrooms to a large school with more than 600 students. In January 2012 VDCA opened the Anlung Pi Free School (watch our video) which is 25km from Siem Reap next to a rubbish dump. Anlung Pi School is working hard to educate the children living in rural Cambodia. The students are happy and families have continued to send the children to school every day. This is a real achievement because in rural areas it is not unusual for children to go to school on the first day and then not return again. SCC will assist Togh and his team to get more permanent support and sponsorship so that the continuation and progression of their schools will be more secure. We will also be investigating student sponsorship for secondary and tertiary education.

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