AFESIP Cambodia

AFESIP Cambodia has three centres which rehabilitate victims of trafficking, rape, and domestic violence. The long-term goal is for permanent rehabilitation and reintegration. Schools for Children of Cambodia (SCC) supports AFESIP's work in education and training at all three of its Centres - Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Kampong Cham.  The emphasis is on education at the children's centre called Somaly House. All residents at Somaly House are sent to public school at the age of six. Currently, there are 75 children attending public schools. AFESIP raises funds to support all the children’s educational needs and other necessities. Education opens doors for women and girls in Cambodia to other livelihoods beyond sex work, thus AFESIP makes education a priority. In addition to supporting their residents through public school Somaly House also offers English and Khmer classes and library services to 169 children from the nearby community.

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